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About Us

Our Mission

Sully & Co. aims to be the destination for the sartorially astute gentleman looking for high-quality, American-made apparel. Our mission is to find domestic manufacturers who make distinct products with tailored silhouettes and clean lines. We cater to the shopper who is looking for timeless style and refined attire. At Sully & Co, we don’t believe clothes make the man; but they go a long way to making him look good.

Mark D. Snipe, Owner

After sixteen years of working in the corporate grind, I knew I wanted to do something more fun and compelling. For seven years I worked in the fashion industry and during that time, I not only gained great experience, but also honed an affinity for well-made clothes. However, finding shops with said clothes wasn’t always easy. I knew what I wanted, but stores were often hard to navigate and overstocked with trendy merchandise. So I set out to create the shopping experience I wished for and a storefront that sold clothes I would wear. The experience is simple and straightforward because looking good should not have to be complicated. It doesn’t matter if you prefer denim or slacks, open collar or shirt and tie; at Sully & Co. we offer classic, elegant clothing and a comfortable shopping experience.